Monday, March 4, 2013

Tiger Mom and Dragon Lady: Are They the Same?

In most cases, you may think "Tiger Mom and Dragon Lady, aren't those the same things?" Since both are similar by having strong Asian women roles, many seem to confuse the two. Although both have various similarities, they differ in many ways. A Tiger Mom is a very mean and uptight mother who demands excellency from their kids academically and physically. They expect perfection from their kids. A Dragon Lady is an Asian women who uses her sexuality, looks and manipulation to get what they want. A lot of people tend to mistaken one for the other because since they both involve Asian women, they think it's the same thing. The word "Tiger Mom" became well known when author Amy Chua came out with the book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom, was released and used it as a reference of an Asian mother that was very strict and hard on her daughter. Dragon Lady came out way before in the 1919s, when Anna May Wong became one of the first Asian women to play a leading role as a manipulating seducer which later on took toll for many other Asian women in the media later in the years. So to get everyone not confused, Tiger Mom and Dragon Lady are not the same thing !

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  1. This blog is effective because it provides background information on the difference between tiger mom and dragon lady. It also includes the definition which is important because not a lot of people are inform about the two terms.

  2. I like the meme that is used on this article. I agree with her idea of dragon lady and the tiger mom.