Monday, February 25, 2013

Convergence from Lotus Blossom to Dragon Lady

        My definition of a "Dragon Lady" might be different from others, I define a dragon lady by her aggressiveness, leadership, and her confidence. A dragon lady can or cannot be seductive; she doesn't have to be sexually attractive, she just has to want to be dominant. Dragon ladies usually want to rule and they would do anything to get what they want, so they plan out devious plans in order to achieve their goal.
There are many stories in the media about how Asian women transition from being educated, sensitive and attractive girls, to cold hearted women. The most common story is the one of a young attractive women, being aroused by a handsome man who later becomes the husband that grows tired of her and treats her as if she was nothing else than a piece of trash, she later finds out that she has ruined her life and becomes bitter, aggressive and a controlling mother. The movie the Joy Luck Club, shows a great example of the transition when aunt Lindo, tells the story about how she lost her soul when she was betrayed by her husband. Lindo was a happy lady that became bitterer when her husband left her for another woman. Lindo now want’s everything to be done her way and she always gets what she wants or else she plans a way to make the person regret their decision.  
        There some women that fit the dragon lady stereotype and one of them happens to be the aunt of an anonymous blogger who we will call Steve. Steve doesn’t mention his aunt’s name so we will provide one for her, we will call her Lidia. Steve states in his blog, “My Favorite Chinese Stereotype:The Chinese Lotus Blossom VS. The Dragon Lady,” that his aunt is known for being difficult. He provides a great funny story:
 “A Dragon Lady is someone like my Great Aunt, with whom I once flew from Taipei to Vancouver. We were detained in Canada Customs for hours, as she had tried to bring into Canada an orchid plant and half a dozen Chinese meat buns. We (Canadian Customs officials and I) watched in horrified amusement as my Great Aunt stuffed her face with six Chinese meat buns, each the size of her palm (she’d rather eat them than let Customs confiscate) – all the while scolding Customs officials in her incomprehensible Chinglish and spitting out bits and pieces of the meat bun at them, as she talked and gestured wildly. Then, after ingesting all those buns, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, smugly patted her stomach, then gave an award-winning belch, which was the talk of Canada Customs for weeks, since Canadians are usually very quiet about their gas, as they are with most other things. My Great Aunt was known in our neighborhood for being difficult, especially after throwing a 2kg pack of frozen baby back ribs at the clerk in the Safeway, because the ribs weren’t on sale like they were the week before.”
He later warns the readers that in every ‘Lotus Blossom” lurks a “Dragon Lady.” He does not say how his aunt became a dragon lady or if she was born one, he just says that in every "lotus blossom lurks a dragon lady," which leaves the reader to assume that his aunt used to be a lotus blossom, but converted herself into a "Dragon Lady."


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