Monday, February 25, 2013

Nikita: Next Dragon Lady ?!

The American Television series "Nikita" played by Asian American, Maggie Q, displays a woman who escapes a secret government known as Division and tries to fight justice while the government is after her every move. Nikita displays what you would call a modern Dragon Lady. How, you say? Just like the definition of the dragon lady, Nikita uses her ability in a sexual and fighting way. This series not only gives American Asian woman a title of not only being sexy and kickass! but also displays how smart and straightforward they can be to get what they want. This ongoing serious has yet to disappoint the audience and is currently on their third season.

Preview of the series Nikita:

You tell me, does Nikita convey the image of the Dragon Lady or what? (;

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  1. Dragon Lady is a insulting word to Asian American woman, so I think Nikita is not a negative character in the film. Therefore, Nikita cannot be a Dragon Lady. I think Nikita is a intelligent woman, so I call her super woman.