Monday, March 11, 2013

Enter the Dragon Lady ! Comic Series ?!

A lot of us know that the Dragon Lady first came through the media but what most of us don't know is that someone made a comic series about the Dragon Lady as well! The comic, Terry and the Pirates, created by author Milton Caniff, creates a character much like the Dragon Lady in the media that we know of today. The comic series came out in 1934, a few years after the Dragon Lady was introduced in films. The comic is an influence of the other comic series like Johnny Quest and Venture Brothers. This comic is about two Americans kids, Tommy Lee and Pat Ryan who seek on a quest to find treasure in China but get hampered by local pirates during the process. One of those pirates include female pirate, Madam Deal, aka the Dragon Lady. Like what we see in today's media, the way he describes the character in the comic is how the stereotype of the Dragon Lady is known in reality. What surprises me about this is that I wouldn't think they would actually make a comic series about the Dragon Lady, let alone make a character that's specifically conveys the image. It's just shows that the Dragon LAdy is not only popular in the media, but also in cartoons and is finding other ways to make the character even well known in even later years. Who knows what will come out next with the Dragon Lady?! Music? Tv Shows? We'll just have to wait and see !

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